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Family Sessions for Summer 2020

Things will look a little different at Wildly Curious in the coming months. Because of Covid-19 regulations, we’re having to adapt the way that we run sessions. Here’s a guide:

· Current government guidelines mean that we are restricted to groups of up to six, in an outdoor setting. This will be the Wildly Curious instructor plus five participants. To further reduce transmission risk, the five participants should be from the same family, or from two families, where both are in agreement with that arrangement. The family group will need to include one or more parents/carers as well as children.

· During a session, the Wildly Curious instructor will remain socially distanced from the participants, in line with the government recommendation. The adult(s) in the group can provide “hands-on” help with their own children as the instructor will be unable to do this.

· Participants and the instructor will have their own set of equipment for use during the session. If this is not possible, then the equipment will be cleaned between users from different households. Equipment will also be cleaned at the end of the session. Toilet room surfaces are also to be cleaned between users from different households.

· Hand washing facilities are provided, with soap and disposable hand towels. Our handwashing protocol will be displayed and regular handwashing encouraged. Note: alcohol-based hand sanitiser is not appropriate for use in a bushcraft setting where fires may be used, due to ignition/burn risk.

· Sessions will be 3 hours long—from 1000 to 1300 or from 1400 to 1700

· Sessions will cost £65 for five people, or £55 for fewer than 5 people

· Sessions will be advertised just a couple of weeks in advance, so that if Covid-19 restrictions are altered, we will have time to put new measures into place

· Sessions are to be paid for at least 4 days before they take place

· Drinks and snacks provided at each session

Here's what's on offer.......

Here’s what to do:

1. Decide what session(s) you would like to do

2. Email Wildly Curious on (or click on the Contact tab above) to see if your chosen date/time is available. If it is….

3. ...complete a booking/consent form and return it by email.

4. Pay by BACs (details on booking form).  If you need to cancel due to illness/Covid-19 quarantining, Wildly Curious will give a 100% refund provided we have at least 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice = 50% refund. In the event of the instructor being unable to run the session, you are entitled to a full refund.

Full information available to download here

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